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Real Estate Law: Owning, Renting, and Feeling Supported Throughout the Process

Navigating today’s complex and tedious real estate climate is a difficult task, especially if you’re living or hoping to live in Florida where the housing market is consistently evolving and changing. Here at Victory Law we are ready to assist you with all aspects of your real estate needs. Whether you rent, own, or are looking to rent or own property we are here to support you while providing an efficient and hassle-free service.

Our full list of services includes:

  • The buying and selling of real estate
  • Construction Law
  • Mobile Home and Manufactured Housing Law
  • Mortgage Law
  • Real estate closings, disputes, and litigations
  • Zoning and land use
  • Local and state government Administrative Law
  • Waterfront Property Law
  • Landlord-tenant leasing transactions and disputes
    • Eviction proceedings
    • Foreclosures
    • Lease disputes
    • Non-compliance disputes
    • Non-payment disputes
    • Security deposit disputes
  • Condominium and Community Association Law
  • Title Insurance


Securing reliable tenants can be one of the more challenging aspects of dealing with real estate especially when they fail to pay their rent or are non-compliant with the agreement in place. It is therefore best to come to Victory Law for assistance prior to handing the keys over and establishing a landlord-tenant relationship. If you are not already partnering with us, it is not too late. We are here to help!

We recognize the sense of urgency and time sensitivity an eviction requires and therefore work quickly to assure the necessary documentation is promptly drafted and electronically filed for efficiency. Whether you are a landlord, investor, property manager, or commercial property owner we will work with you to assure a personalized and speedy process.

Our eviction processes include:

  • Full lease review
  • Providing Legally Required Notices to the tenant(s)
  • Drafting and electronic filing of Complaint and all attachments
  • Drafting Summons
  • Drafting all applicable Affidavits
  • Providing for Service of process
  • Commencement under expedited procedure
  • Drafting and electronic filing of all applicable Motions and Orders
  • Attending of court hearings if necessary (additional fees may apply)
  • Final judgment for possession
  • Obtaining a Writ of possession
  • Providing for removal of the tenant by the Sheriff
  • Obtaining Final Judgment for money damages


Every foreclosure is different and going through the foreclosure process can be stressful. Gain peace of mind by knowing that you are not alone. At Victory Law we have been on both sides of the foreclosure paradigm giving us the knowledge and experience necessary to provide the best results for your particular situation whether you are prosecuting a foreclosure claim or defending one. We are dedicated to listening to your particular situation, informing you of the varying options available to you, and acting on your behalf to assure you the best possible outcome depending on you particular goals. In addition Victory Law will ensure that all the necessary paperwork and processes are in place eliminating further stress and frustration in an already undesirable legal process. We assure you consistent and effective communication throughout the varying steps and are committed to staying ahead of the curve in every way possible.

Partnering with Victory Law will provide knowledge and security in all processes pertaining to one of the most time consuming and significant investments you make in today’s world. Don’t go at it alone.

Victory Law

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