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When you have a personal injury attorney working on your behalf with the insurance companies, you are treated differently. Your claim gets assigned to a different type of adjuster simply because you are represented because there’s a lot more at stake when you have a personal injury attorney representing you. If the personal injury attorney representing you feels that you’re not being treated fairly or the insurance company isn’t doing what they are required to do, then an experienced personal injury attorney is able to utilize the available remedies to make sure that happens.

In certain circumstances, they make sure the insurance company pays for not adhering to their obligations, which they’re required to do under the law. So when you’re an individual who does not have an attorney, you really don’t know what your rights are. If you aren’t aware of your rights are or the obligations that insurance company, then there’s no doubt that you’re unaware if your rights are being violated.

How Does Your Attitude and Your Reputation Impact a Case You Are Handling?

Your reputation with insurance carriers and with adjusters definitely makes a difference. There are certain law firms and certain attorneys out there that only handle pre-suit personal injury, meaning that their firm does not file lawsuits, regardless of whether the insurance company is providing fair value for the claim or not. In those instances, the insurance company is aware of that, and because they’re aware of that, they know that they can get away with offering less money. Whereas, if you are a law firm that is prepared to file a lawsuit and make the insurance company pay, the company is likely going to be aware of that too.

These are billion-dollar companies that have the infrastructure and software to know who they’re dealing with and what they can get away with. It definitely makes a big difference that the firm is prepared to move forward with the lawsuit and go to trial if necessary. Even once you get into litigation, if the opposing counsel or the litigation adjuster for the insurance company believes that you will not go to trial, they’re going to move forward with the case accordingly and offer less money. They think that they can get away with paying out less money in those circumstances. Therefore, who your attorney is, who your law firm is, and what their reputation is are all significant factors in a personal injury claim

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