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Attention: Canadians Desiring to Live in Florida or Any Other U.S. State

Do you desire to move south out of cold, winter conditions to sunny, beautiful Florida? Or to any other U.S. state for that matter? Are you ready to turn six-month vacations into a permanent lifestyle? If so, Victory Law is here to assist you. We bring honesty, clarity, and ease to the table while assisting you through the paperwork process of becoming a U.S. citizen as well as a Florida resident.
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Although Canadian citizens are not required to file for a non-immigrant visa when traveling to the U.S., intending immigrants must qualify for a visa prior to entry in the same manner as other nationalities. We can assist you in determining your possible “TN” status as well as discuss any items that could qualify you as ineligible for Visa or entry. Upon determining your eligibility and desired status we will assist you in:

  • Filing your Immigrant Petition (if necessary)
  • Checking Visa availability
  • Filing your application to register for permanent residency or adjust your status (if desired)
  • Directing you to the appropriate application support center for necessary file information (photo, signature, etc)
  • Directing you through the interview process (if applicable)
  • Making you aware of the necessary steps to maintain your resident status or replace a Green Card
  • Making you aware of your rights and responsibilities as a permanent resident
  • Assisting with the naturalization process (if applicable and desired)
  • Supplying necessary information to travel outside of the U.S. once residency is obtained

Once your residency status has been obtained here in the U.S. we can further assist you in the process of becoming a resident of Florida. Steps to Florida residency require:

  • Filing a Declaration of Domicile through the clerk of the circuit court
  • Obtaining a Florida drivers license
  • Transfer car titles and registration to Florida
  • Register to vote
  • File federal taxes after becoming a Florida resident
  • Change memberships to Florida locations

Things you’ll need for this process are:

  • Declaration of domicile form (which we can provide)
  • Out of state/country license
  • Original copy of your birth certificate, social security card, green card, visa, etc.
  • Two documents displaying your Florida address
  • Florida car insurance policy
  • Original car title
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